Agadbam (2010)

Starring: Makrand Anaspure, Trupti Bhoir, Usha Nadkarni, Chitra Navathe, Vikas Samudre, Narayan Jadhav, Tejaswee Patil, Mahesh Kokate, Mangesh Satpute

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Trupti Bhoir

Story: The film's screenplay makes you a part of their family friends developing sympathy towards Najuka. When Najuka leaves her husband's place; Raiba realizes his mistake as he is made to understand by people around him, explaining the meaning of a good ideal wife. Finally everything ends well with a happy note. 'Agadbam' is the kind of film that speaks about the change that Marathi film industry has brought in technical areas. Watch the Prosthetic make-up of Trupti Bhoir in that role of Najuka and you will be stunned. The usage of VFX and DI makes the film perfect in presentation. Cinematographer and director Satish Motling has used his expertise to present the film, keeping in mind the plus points of Najuka's character. Trupti has dared to present herself in that get-up throughout the film, ..

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