Manini (2010)

Starring: Girija Oak, Manoj Bidvai, Tanaaz Currim, Anand Abhyankar, Atul Parchure and Swapnil Joshi

Genre: Drama

Director: Kanchan Adhikari

Story: Manini is one of those refreshing new wave of Marathi films. The film was produced on a shoestring budget of 8 lakhs and was shot mostly in Dubai. The storyline is pretty straightforward: A village girl from Ratnagiri (Girija Oak) is hurriedly married off to a very succesfully expatriate from Dubai (Swapnil Joshi). The problem is that he has entered into the marriage reluctantly and still hasn't recovered from the break up w/ his ex-girlfriend and coworker(Tanaaz Currim). This, combined with his controlling alpha-male nature, mean that things don't bode too well for his wife and she soon finds herself being humiliated. The only bright spot is that she has complete freedom to go around wherever she likes during the day and befriends a photographer called Deepak (Manoj Bidwai) and that's w..

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