Swarajya (2011)

Starring: Rajesh Shrungarpure, Darshan Jariwala, Arun Nalawade, Ila Bhate, Hemangi Kavi, Sushrut Mankani, Anshuman Vichare, Namrata Gaikwad

Genre: Action, Drama

Director: Vishal-Vihar

Story: Ram Pathare (Rajesh Shrungarpure) struggles to get capital to start business due of the general belief that Marathis aren’t good at it. Apart from this, his heart bleeds due to the hardships and problems faced by Marathis. Not ready to accept defeat, Rajesh fights all odds and excels in the field of business. But he doesn’t stop at this. With his Guruji’s advice, he starts Yuva Sanghatana Sena, an organization for the welfare of Marathis and later a political party called Swarajya Sena. But Ram has an obstacle in his path in the form of MLA Kapadia (Darshan Jariwala). Recently, F M Ilyas’ Arjun tried to rejuvenate the image of the Marathi manoos by keeping business as the core issue. Vishal-Vihar’s Swarajya – Marathi Paul Padte Pudhe also has the same aim. However, the latte..

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